Vintage & Topshop


Today, I spent the afternoon in Coconut Grove, which is the oldest neighborhood in the city of Miami. Me and the photographer were exploring streets to do our photoshoot session. This neighborhood was very amazing for that. Here, I was wearing my favorite Topshop high rise shorts. What I love the most about this shorts is the color so different from the typical denim shorts. Another good thing about it is that the high rise makes a big difference because they can really hide your belly, specially if you have not exercise for a short while. 

While exploring some streets, we stopped to have some delicious gelato. I  love to enjoy life with sweetness. Anyways, I wore a simple white top that blended nicely with the brown shorts. We took many pictures that day and I am sharing with you what I like the most. 

I was extremely happy that day because to my surprise we found this amazing antique car above that matched my outfit so well. The same colors, I couldn't believe it. I felt very blessed to be at the right spot wearing the right clothes. Sometimes you can be that lucky to have everything synchronize for you without even planning.