Istanbul is a very intense city, rich in culture, food, and history.  I got to spent the most four amazing days last summer, and I wish I had more time to experience all that the city had to offer. Places that I discovered and enjoyed were Taksim Square, which is a major leisure district full of restaurants, shops and hotels. The Spice Bazaar where you find all kinds of infusion and spices, there, I savored the most delicious candies and dried fruits. In the afternoons, tea treats were my favorite because of its full delicacy and beauty. The Sultanahmet District in the heart of old historic Istanbul and where I found the Topkapi Palace. This palace is so well ornamented from its architecture to its splendorous views. Here you can feel the power of the Ottoman Empire. All the ceramic title work is very beautiful and the collections of artifacts is very amazing. Balat, a traditional Jewish quarter in the district of Istanbul. Another special place that I visited was the Princes' Islands where I enjoyed the sun set in dramatic colors while breathing so much silence. Here I share some pictures from my trip taken with iPhone :)