Inside the Eiffel Tower

Ever since I was little, I dreamt of going to Paris by looking at postcards and pictures hanging on frame walls. At that time, of course, I saw Paris just like a dream. I realized as I was getting older that dreams were plans and that we were the only ones to determine when we were going to accomplish those plans. When I was part of the Miami International Hispanic Theatre Festival, I met Lilliam who was invited to direct the play I was in that year,  and who later became my teacher and theater director. When I was taking acting classes with her, she went to Europe and upon her return, she brought me a postcard from Paris. In it she said; "Dear Tata", as she used to call me by that name from one of the characters I played, "you would love to go along the Seine River in a boat contemplating the city. I know how you enjoying these things and Paris is a beauty that hits your soul forever"  From that moment, I determine to set my dream into motion and started planning of going to Paris. This post is not only a throwback to Paris, but a reminder to me and to you that dreams come true only the moment we decide to work for them and determine to do so. I also think that once in a lifetime anyone should visit Paris. It is so romantic, beautiful, and poetic, that I felt in tune with its melody since the moment I arrived. 

Paris is about discovering it thru your own eyes and creating your own personal journey of this unforgettable place.

From Eiffel Tower looking at beautiful Seine River

Another view from Eiffel Tower

City View

Sunset in Paris :))))

On Seine River!