Most visitors think of Miami only as an urban city with high-end lifestyle and beaches. But in Miami you can find more than that. On Sunday afternoon, I drove with my niece Leah Hadassah to the Redland, which is an agricultural area southwest of the city. In this rural area, you can find and pick your own strawberries & vegetables in the fields, visit the amazing Everglades National Park,  taste wine made from guavas, and sightsee the most beautiful orchid gardens.  

Leah and me, spent the afternoon driving alone the country lanes, chasing and picking sunflowers and also seeing exotic palm trees. In our stop to the sunflower field, Leah did a lot of running while I was her photographer. After, we had a little picnic together!

The drive from the city to the Redland is about 45 minutes. Here is a Redland driving tour created by one of its residents and highlights wonderful spots to visit.  

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