Yuni Beauty

Hi, Loves! Last week I was gifted with Yuni Beauty Products. Yuni is a sustainable and natural Yoga-inspired beauty brand. It was founded by two devoted yogis who also worked in the beauty field. The pair believe that both yoga and self care are personal rituals. All Yuni's beauty collection include eco-friendly products which contain 100% all-natural fragrance. Here, I am sharing the list of the products that I have been using so far and they are really very effective at leaving my skin feeling fresh and pampered after my workout routine at the gym. 

1. Flash Bath: is an express clean-up. It refreshes and purifies the skin without the need of water. This product is ideal for those who do not have time to take a shower after a morning routine at the gym and also for travelers. 

2. Shower Sheets: freshen up on-the-go without the need for a shower. The box comes with twelve pack of large, individually-wrapped body wipes. Their purpose is to cleanse, refresh, and deodorize.

3. My Om World Aromatic Body Mist: this is my favorite. This product helps you soothe and relax with all the natural essential oils. You truly feel renew and transformed. I also love that protects your skin from being dry. 

4.Wind-Down Wonder Warming Oil: this product helps you soothe completely your skin and senses with a nurturing warmth and comforting aroma. This spray is ideal for stressful days, nights and also dry skin. 

5. Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel: It contains fair trade green tea extract, peppermint, and arnica to ease post workout inflammation and sore muscles. It is so easy to apply with the rollerball applicator. I felt so grateful yesterday after lifting weights and applied over my arms. When my muscles are sore this product help me to ease the pain. This product is now a must in my gym bag.

6.Rise & Chill Cooling Body Gel: is as a pre or post-workout treatment for your skin and your senses. I love that it leaves the skin hydrated and toned with the organic Aloe Leaf Juice and Green Tea extract that contains.