One of the things that reflects who I am and that inspires my creativity is home decor. That's why I always like to fill spaces and little corners at home with the things I really love and for which I feel particularly drawn to. Every year I love re-creating a special soothing feeling of transitioning into a new year by adding new inspiring decor at home. Since the year is almost to an end, I felt like I needed to re-designed and add more of the beautiful things I love into my room.

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 A few weeks ago, I discovered Desenio, a Swedish art print and high-quality posters company online, and I feel very fortunate to have partnered with them to re-designed the walls in my room. I received a personal code to shop online my favorite prints and posters and I couldn't be more excited. I found myself very fond of their fashion, quotes and botanical collection and I spent few hours trying to narrowing down my selection since I adored almost everything.

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As I love to find beauty and inspiration from the moment I open my eyes in the morning, I choose posters that helped me find that sense of balance. I'm sharing with you here the name of the posters I ordered online: A Bed of Flowers, Ballerina, A Little Love, La Vie Est Belle, Ballerina, You Go Girl, Pink Tulipe No1 and Pink Tulipe No3.  If you are in the mood to re-design your living room, bedroom or any space at home for the holidays or new years please visit www.desenio.com as they offer a variety of on-trend prints and sizes to suit everyone's taste. Also, this week between December 12-14th they offer 25% off posters with the code ginadiazh *Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frames". 

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