Today, I am going to talk about a product that will make your life easier and save your time. One of the things that we spend most our time on is doing chores. It is a regular activity and takes a great amount of time. I don’t really enjoy much doing and with the flu season around, the risk of spreading germs has increased. So, I got myself simplehuman products. The products came in handy because now I don’t have to touch the trash can or my soap pump because everything is sensor activated. I tried some of their products to help upgrade my kitchen and bath and had to share with you!


Benefits of using Simplehuman Tools

  • Anti-microbial coating to shield your can from mold and mildew.
    Click-in cartridge system to make refills fast, easy and totally mess-free. 
  • The cartridges are offered in over 25 different scents.
  • With Simplehuman touch-free products, you can prevent germs from spreading and live a healthier lifestyle.

Simplehuman Products - My Top Picks

Rectangular Sensor Can

The rectangular sensor can by Simplehuman comes with voice control. It operates at the sound of your voice and whenever you say  "open can" the lid will open automatically. If you use this, throwing away trash would be much easier and quicker.

Custom fit Recycling Liners

The custom fit liners by Simplehuman would perfectly fit your cans so they don't slip. On top of that, they stay hidden when the lid is closed.

Rechargeable Sensor Pump

Say goodbye to germs and smudges now. The Rechargeable Sensor Pump is a clog proof tubing pump for an accurate and consistent flow. The silicon valve that comes with it, ensures that there are no messy drips. ur sensor pump is the most efficient way to wash your hands — no germs or smudges left behind.

Liquid Refill Pouch

Disposable pumps are costly and not resealable. On the other hand, soap refill pouches are much easier and efficient. They are disposable and eco-friendly. That is why you should definitely get a Liquid Refill Pouch by Simplehuman.

So, these were some of the Simplehuman products that I really liked. You should check out their website to explore more amazing products and different fragrances.