Year & Day


Home decor is something much deeper than people think. It’s not just about the big things but also the small details. Adding small things to your kitchen such as having a good set of dishes help create the perfect ambiance in your home. The presentation is important for everyone and if you invite someone over to your house, you should present the best set of dishes that you got.  


So, ever since the new year, I have been looking for a minimalistic collection of dishes. I love to have a variety of colors and textures choice of dishes, bowls, and glassware. Luckily, I stumbled upon a great women-led tabletop brand called “Year & Day”. When I looked at their collection, I was so excited how well researched and perfectly crafted their products are. 


There are lots of brands that provide beautiful collections but most of them are just too heavy or you know EXTRA-DETAILED. What I loved about Year & Day is that their design is beautiful while being very minimalistic. And it is exactly what I look for in a product. 

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From their collection I got :
4 Big Plates
4 Small Plates
4 Big Bowls
4 Small Bowls
4 Mugs
And last but not least, The Glassware


The collection was in Daybreak variant which is blush in color. I have been very obsessed with anything that is blush lately. So, Daybreak was the perfect color variant of the collection for me.


Other than the collection, you should also check out the Glassware by Year & Day. Their glasses have a smooth finish and their wine glasses look so delicate despite being as tough as nails. They are perfectly proportioned and free of lead. 


Year & Day is a brand that everyone should know about. I am amazed at how late I got to know about Year & Day. It is the perfect brand for your table-top needs.