Curio by American Tourister


I travel a lot and by lot I mean “A LOT”. Now, what makes a trip successful? You may be thinking health, a good destination, money, food and so on. But I personally feel that good luggage is the first and foremost thing that is needed in order to have a successful trip.


With so many choices available these days, It can be hard to choose the perfect luggage for your needs. The design on some may seem off, some may feel too heavy and plenty may sport both these qualities but turn out to be super expensive.


So, recently I was traveling to Europe and needed new luggage. I did some research online to find the perfect luggage for my needs and I finally got it from American Tourister’s new collection the Curio in black. It is a great lineup of luggage that comes in a number of different colors.


American Tourister is definitely not a new name in the travel or luggage space. Almost everyone who travels a lot, including me, loves this brand dearly.

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The bag that I got is the American Tourister Curio 29" Spinner. It comes in 5 colors: Black, Golden Yellow, Pink, White & Purple. It is a strong, lightweight and flexible suitcase. The shell material is made of a highly impact resistant plastic.

It’s got four spinner wheels, so you can easily carry it without feeling any weight on your arm. The retractable handle provides easy maneuverability when you extend it out from the suitcase, and it smoothly stores inside when at rest.


Security is really good on this luggage as it comes with cross straps that keep your stuff organized and prevent the contents from any possible shifting. The body dimensions of this bag are 29.25" x 20.6" x 12.0" and the overall dimensions are 31.5" x 22.4" x 13.5".


There is no questioning the authenticity of American Tourister products. They never disappoint me with their line of products. If you are going to be traveling soon then you should definitely check out this bag and their new Curio lineup. 


*This post was sponsored by American Tourister. All opinions and thoughts are my own.