How I Tested Myself for HPV at Home

This post is sponsored by Nurx, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


Not many of you may know that January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. Cervical Cancer is something that is not discussed enough despite the fact that it impacts so many women around the world.

It is a type of cancer that develops in a woman's cervix and in most cases it affects women aged between 30 and 45. However, younger women may also be at risk and shouldn’t ignore the risk of cervical cancer. Cervical Cancer has almost no symptoms in its early stages and that’s why screening for cervical cancer is really important.


Nurx is a healthcare company that provides convenient and affordable healthcare access to women all over the United States. Recently, Nurx introduced a Home HPV Screening Test that lets you get insight into your risk for cervical cancer at your own home. You wouldn’t need to go to a doctor anymore or make any appointments and having to sit & wait there.


The HPV In-Home Testing Kit by Nurx check for 15 strains of HPV that have a really high risk of leading to cancer of the cervix. 

It is a perfect replacement for the pap smear for women over 30 and it’s much more convenient. Women aged 25 - 29 can use the kit too however it’s recommended by the guidelines for women of this age to get a pap smear once every three years.

The Home HPV test is very affordable as it costs $15 with insurance and $69 without insurance. One thing I need you to remind is that it’s a preventative care and not a treatment. The test allows you to check for the risk of Cervical Cancer so that you can get the treatment immediately.  


The The HPV In-Home Testing Kit includes the follow things:

  1. An extra long q-tip

  2. a prepaid return envelope

  3. A plastic bag

  4. A plastic tube

  5. A sticker with a barcode

To start using the kit, all you have to do is download the Nurx App or visit Nurx.com. Thereafter, you’ll be asked a few basic questions related to your health and a kit will be shipped straight to your door.


How to use the Home HPV Kit:

  •  Hold the swab with one hand and insert the swab just like you would with a tampon

  •  Gently turn the swab in a circle against the wall of your vagina for 30 seconds. 

  •  Then drop the swab in the tube, and drop it in the bag. 

  •   Place the bag in the pre-paid envelope, and drop it in the mail! 

  •   Once your sample arrives, you’ll get your results from our medical team in just a few days. 

  •   If your results are negative, this means your risk for cervical cancer is very low and do not need additional testing for another three years. . 

  •  If your results are positive, this does not mean you have cervical cancer. Our medical team will work closely with you to help figure out next steps! 

  •  For those without insurance, we offer the kit for only $69, shipping and processing included.

  • If you have health insurance, in most cases the cost of the kit is covered. You will only need to pay $15 for shipping and processing.


Nurx’s notion to provide women all over the US access to convenient, affordable and judgement-free health care is worth praising. You should not ignore the risk of Cervical Cancer and also spread awareness so that the number of women it affects decreases year by year. The HPV In-Home Testing Kit by Nurx has helped me tremendously. I don’t longer need to wait for a doctor’s appointment to get tested. Now, I can take the test on my own at the comfort of my home.